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July 15 & 16; Callbacks July 17

7 p.m. – 101 N. Thomas St., Plant City

Audition Requirements:
  We will be cold-reading from the script. No special prep needed.

Tom (Male, early 20s – 35): He’s a dreamer stuck in a dead-end job, itching to do something about it, but torn apart internally due to his love for his family. The play is essentially his retelling of his memory of what happened.

Amanda (Female, 45-65): She’s a hard-working single mom focused on trying to make her situation work while also trying to uphold the deeply personal, and necessary, belief that her life isn’t a failure.

Laura (Female, 18-25): She’s too shy to do anything productive, and her mom, Amanda, enlists her brother, Tom, to find her a future husband. She is somewhat disabled though not obviously so, and despite her waifishness, she and Tom are clearly bonded as siblings.

Jim (Male, 18-25): He’s who Tom finds, and it just so happens that Laura had a crush on him when they went to high school together. He’s charming, sensible, smart, engaging, warm. All good things.

More information regarding rehearsal schedules, etc. will be provided at the audtion. If you have questions, please contact the director, Jeff Sirmons at