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DICK : Tenor – Young adult. Sailor who just happens to be a terrific songwriter. Innocent, cheerful, optimistic, ambitious, sailor, songwriter, composer,
enthusiastic, male ingenue, eager

RUBY: Mezzo-Soprano – Late teen/young adult. Aspiring Broadway star. Dancer, singer, young, romantic, timid, bewildered, innocent, silly, earnest

LUCKY: Baritone – Young adult. Sailor. Dick’s sidekick. Friend, buddy, energetic, crafty, eager, comedic, wry

MONA KENT: Mezzo-Soprano/Alto – Adult/Mature Adult. Pampered veteran Broadway star. Lead actress, singer, dancer, dramatic, selfish, seductive, grand,

HENNESSEY: Spoken – Adult/Mature Adult. Typical 1930’s stage director/producer. Director, producer, angry, annoyed, temperamental, energetic, hot-tempered, tyrannical, weathered

CAPTAIN: Baritone – Adult/Mature Adult. Mona’s old flame. Commanding, authoritative, earnest, serious, heart-broken, gullible

ENSEMBLE: Late teen/Young Adult/Adult Any




September 16-18

7 p.m.

101 N. Thomas St., Plant City


SHOW DATES:   NOVEMBER 15, 16, 17, 22, 23, 24

1. Auditions will begin at 7 pm. Please try to be early to complete paperwork and plan to stay the entire time.

2. Please prepare a song that shows off your best qualities: vocal range, belting ability, etc. and bring recorded accompaniment. No a cappella (unaccompanied).

3. You may be asked to stay for the dance portion of the audition. Please come dressed in something comfortable and appropriate that allows you to move freely. No flip-flops. Shoes must be secure on your feet, preferably dance/character shoes. If you have experience with tap dance you may have a leg up on other auditioners. If you do not tap it is certainly not a deal-breaker and does not mean you will not be cast.

4. Call-backs will be scheduled Wednesday, September 18 at 7 pm. Please be available if you are requested to attend.

5. You will also be asked to do a cold reading from the script. The Director will not be looking for a perfect and polished performance. You may be asked to play with/tweak/alter your reading so keep an open mind and have fun.

6. Bring with you a complete list of conflicts, both standing (ex. class every Monday – Saturday night) and pre-planned trips, etc. (ex. on a cruise for 4 weeks beginning Oct 27). *Be honest.* It will make everyone happier in the long run.