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April 26-28 & May 3-5

The story of six women who gather at their church to roll bandages for soldiers fighting in WWII and their subsequent reunion 25 years later. Among the characters are Edith, the pastor’s wise cracking wife, Luby, whose son is fighting in the pacific, Mae Ellen, the church’s rebellious organist, Olene who dreams of a career in Hollywood, Vera, a well to do and influential member, and Sammy, a shy newcomer. First Baptist of Ivy Gap is not only fraught with wit and strength only Southern girls have, it’s liberally spiked with the four pillars of Southern cooking…salt, sugar, butter and BACON GREASE!



Rachel Green – Sammy

Mindy Ecob – Olene

Sara Horrocks -Mae Ellen

Mollie Anderson – Edith

Kristen Permenter – Luby

Lois Green – Vera

Director – Coy Permenter

Assistant Director – Makenzie Jones

Stage Manager – Olivia Mitchell

Costumes – Madeline Hebert